Kaye Hollings

out of the storm ~ lifting hearts ~ giving hope

Shafts of Light

Shafts of Light is beautifully written and a joy to read. I feel I am with you on a journey of exploration into your soul. ANNE

I don’t normally like poetry but after reading the poem Divine Dance, I had goose bumps up and down my arms. Loved it. Beautiful book. JUDITH

The poem Held was one of my favourites, reminding me of the promise of spring whatever my circumstances. SUE

Loved Shafts of Light. The cover, the photographs and the explanations all add to the reader’s understanding and enjoyment of the poems. Como Bridge really resonated with me as I also travelled over it many times and admired the view. PAUL

Shafts of Light is a wonderful combination of everything. Inspiring, thoughtful, funny and very relatable to my own life. Kaye is such a clever writer. JAN

I gave a copy to a friend who loved it, both poems and presentation, and is keen to use the poems with her Girls’ Brigade group. WENDY

I’ve just finished the last poem and it’s been a wonderful journey reading Shafts of Light. CHELLE

With each turn of the page I’m lit up on the inside with wonder at what part of my soul this poem will awaken. Kaye’s poems touch a place that gives me courage to listen for what is being said and what is not being said within my own soul. JANINE

Beautifully illustrated and the perfect gift to give away to friends, even those who normally aren’t readers. CLAIRE

Really love Shafts of Light. Three poems that particularly spoke to me were Fly, Heart’s Desire and Renewal. MARLENE

Lovely book. Very timely as my brother died a few days before book arrived and I was comforted by it. I keep going back to read the poems again. Thank you. RON

Received your book today and am very impressed. ERN

Beautiful book. Love it! LEISHA

I so appreciated your book. Just what I needed. JO

Such a beautiful book. Loved all poems and photos. LYN

This morning I was prompted to reach out for your book Shafts of Light. I spent quality time reading each page and I was blessed out of my socks! DERRICK